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What is MailRCPT?

MailRCPT is a free mailing list or newsletter service. It allows you to create on or more mailing lists.

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Wordpress plugin updated

We've just updated our Wordpress plugin to work with the latest version of Wordpress. Feel free to update your plugins and remember to report any problems you might bump into. Thanks

12-06-2019 14:05
Fixed timezone problem

A few fine tuning points: * fixed timezone problem. * fixed "unknown 1002" message in "Home widgets" section. * added confirm message when unsubscribing from mailing list.

15-05-2019 09:42
A new day and another update

A new day and another update, this one include the following: * Added newlines between prefix, body of mailing and postfix. * Added Subscribe button, previous a user had to click "No/Yes" badge which could lead to confusion. * You can now set the "reply-to[...]

09-05-2019 11:32
No site, just a mailing list and a way to view send mailings?

When you don't need a site around your newsletter and you only want to display the send mailings and the newsletter information please follow the steps below. Let's start: Style > Global tab, uncheck "Show menu" and "Show home in breadcrumbs" and Save[...]

07-05-2019 14:59
Tiny fix

* Mailing list owners subscribed to their own mailing lists can now correctly unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link in the emails. That's it!

06-05-2019 13:16
Categorize images, cookie warning pages, etc.

A new week a new update, this one includes the following: * Images can now be categorized in folders, handy when you have many images. * You can now upload multiple images, the upload progress is also shown. * To support cookie warning pages you can enable[...]

23-04-2019 14:48
Minor fine tuning and a couple fixes

I've just uploaded a update with some minor fine tuning and a couple fixes: * added link to wordpress plugin (see "Application" section in dashboard) * the editor now uses p tags instead of br tags for new lines. * You can now remove duplicates from the[...]

26-03-2019 13:42
Quite the update

This afternoon i managed to upload an update which includes the following points: * Pages can now be excluded from search result and timeline. * Search box is prominent available at the top of the front end. * External images can be inserted in pages[...]

19-03-2019 12:35
RE: Fine tuning update

I've written two pages about how to install and configure the wordpress plugin: http://official.mailrcpt.com/pages/wordpress-plugin-installation.html [url=http://official.mailrcpt.com[...]

11-03-2019 13:51
Fine tuning update

I did a bit of fine tuning on the MailRCPT project over the weekend and this morning: * Style set overwrite button is disabled when no style sets exist. * Comments are now possible on mailings. (this can be disabled when changing a mailing list) * Css[...]

11-03-2019 12:53
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