No site, just a mailing list and a way to view send mailings?

When you don't need a site around your newsletter and you only want to display the send mailings and the newsletter information please follow the steps below.

Let's start:

  1. Style > Global tab, uncheck "Show menu" and "Show home in breadcrumbs" and Save.
  2. Settings > check "Hide sidebar" and Save.
  3. Settings > Advanced tab enter the url of your mailing list in the "Redirect home to url" field and Save. This will redirect anyone that visits the site directly to your mailing list.
  4. Your site is by default 1200 pixels width, lets shrink this a bit: Style > click "Global" tab > pick "Header", find option "Max width" in "Grid" section and enter 900. Save.

Your site should now already look much cleaner.

You can (and likely should) change the logo displayed at the top of your site. To do this please take a peek at this article.


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