Categorize images, cookie warning pages, etc.

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Categorize images, cookie warning pages, etc.
A new week a new update, this one includes the following:
* Images can now be categorized in folders, handy when you have many images.
* You can now upload multiple images, the upload progress is also shown.
* To support cookie warning pages you can enable the "Show site overlay" option in "Site settings". You can specify the warning text and other site overlay options at "Style" > "Header" > "Site overlay".
* New widget: menu, you can now put the menu in a widget.
* The sidebar with all your widgets (which appears on the left or right side) can now be moved to the bottom of the page.
* Avatars are now automatically generated, of course you can still upload and use your own avatar images.
* The front page has been rewritten.
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